People with Disabilities

Visitors with a disability equal to or greater than 33% are entitled to a Reduced Ticket. These can be purchased through our website or at the on-site Ticket Booths. In addition, tickets for people with disabilities include a companion at no extra cost. Presentation of official proof of disability is required..

The free companion of the person with a disability should not be added during the ticket purchase process, must be the same person throughout the visit and must enter the park at the same time as the visitor with a disability.

Wheelchair access to the Cablecar and the summit of Mount Calamorro

Folding wheelchairs or wheelchairs with a total width of less than 70 cm can enter the cabins. The speed of the cabin can be reduced sufficiently or even stopped so that they can get in easily. If necessary, a ramp is available for access to the cabins.

In the case of electric wheelchairs, access will depend on the user's manoeuvrability to enter the cabin, as long as the maximum width of 70 cm is not exceeded, so we cannot guarantee that this will be possible.

Although the paths to the North and South panoramic viewpoints are delimited and prepared, they are not accessible with pushchairs or wheelchairs, as they have slopes and steps along the way, so they may not be accessible to visitors with reduced mobility. Access to the Central Viewpoint is very close to the arrival station at the top and is accessible without steps along the route. Remember that visitors with a disability equal to or greater than 33% benefit from Reduced Entry and have a free companion, who does not need to be added during the ticket purchase process.

Discover the wonderful world of falconry!

Discover the wonderful world of falconry!

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