Birds-of-Prey Presentation

A spectacular show!

Awaiting you at the top of Monte Calamorro is an activity that will leave you speechless: discover the wonderful world of falconry with the Flight of Prey Birds Presentation performed by the Valle de las Águilas Foundation. Watch mesmerising birds soaring through the sky at full speed, learn about them and meet their adorable chicks in a unique setting with the best views of the Malaga coastline.

Birds-of-prey presentation timetable and prices

In July and August, the flight of prey birds presentation takes place at 13:00, 18:30 and 20:00 on the opening days of Benalmádena Cablecar*:

    • Children from 3 to 12 years old: €4.00*.
    • Adults from 12 years old: €6.00*.
    • Seniors from 65 years old: €5.50*.

    Enjoy this ancient art, wich has been designated as Intangible Cultural Heritage by UNESCO in 2010, and for good reason! It is an art that has been passed down from generation to generation in countries all over the world that have a tradition of falconry. such as France, Morocco, Slovakia and Germany. Don't miss out and be amazed by one of the most astonishing artforms in the world!

    The Birds-of-Prey Presentation is a spectacular flying display featuring some of the world's most splendid birds of prey. It takes place in a unique and exceptionally beautiful setting with panoramic views of the Malaga coastline. Are you a bird lover? Be amazed by such species as the Eagle Owl, the Caracara, the Griffon Vulture, the Common Buzzard and the Harris Hawk. You can learn from the world's most beautiful birds, all in one place.

    The art of falconry requires time, dedication and resources. As a result, only a few aficionados keep this thousand-year-old tradition alive. The origins of falconry are very old, so it is an artform that has evolved over the years. It is possible that it was first discovered in China, as there are many references in Chinese texts to the practice of falconry before the Common Era (BCE/BC).

    About the birds-of-prey presentation on the top of Mount Calamorro

    Check the opening times and days for the Teleférico Benalmádena. The Birds-of-prey presentation at the top of Mount Calamorro is operated by the Valle de las Águilas Foundation and is not included in the Benalmádena Cablecar admission ticket. Payment for this activity is required in cash, at the entrance to the presentation area. Timetable subject to change or modification, please check closer to the date of your visit. The display is subject to change or cancellation due to weather, capacity, safety, veterinary or public health reasons. During the presentation it is not permitted to walk on the walkway over the grandstand area. It is not permitted to bring animals into the presentation area neither the walkway over the grandstand area. For more information, visit the Valle de las Águilas Foundation Facebook page  or call them on 630676595 or 670553114.

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    The Cablecar in your hands with our APP

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