Our main objective: raising awareness and protecting

At Teleférico Benalmádena we are committed to protecting the environment and our daily task is helping all our visitors to understand the importance of caring for our natural ecosystems.

During a fascinating day on top of Mount Calamorro, you can enjoy the biodiversity of this Mediterranean mountain, full of iconic plants and animals, many of which are native species, as well as the best viewpoint of the Malaga coastline and the incredible aerial exploits of birds of prey. It's the best way to get to know our surroundings and the importance of preserving them!

Project Libera

In addition to our efforts to separate waste, promote recycling and care for the environment, both in our facilities and in all the Parques Reunidos work centres and offices, Teleférico Benalmádena also carries out initiatives aimed at cleaning up degraded ecosystems.

Thus, since 2017, we have been partnering with SEO/Birdlife and Ecoembes in Project Libera: United against landfills. Sadly, as well as raising awareness to prevent the dumping and accumulation of waste in natural spaces, it is still necessary to intervene and mobilise society to care for and clean up ecosystems that have been spoilt by human activities, which we do by organising and participating in various collection campaigns for rubbish that should never have reached our mountains or coasts. We would love for you to help us to make these activities less and less necessary!



Get involved in helping the rainforests

In the words of Jane Goodal, "when a young person recycles their mobile phone, they are saving a chimpanzee" and, through our partnership with the Jane Goodal Institute to collect old mobile phones at Teleférico Benalmádena, Selwo Marina and Selwo Aventura, we are helping to reduce the amount of minerals like coltan and cassiterite that are extracted from natural sites. Tropical rainforests are the natural habitat of many endangered species and the extraction of these resources are at the epicentre of armed conflicts that cause millions of victims and refugees in countries such as the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Through this initiative, coordinated by the Parques Reunidos Foundation, we have collected hundreds of mobile phones from our visitors, which we have sent to be recycled for the metals and minerals they contain, also helping to prevent illegal mining that exploits child labour. Don't forget to bring your old mobile phone with you when you visit us, it's much more useful than you think!


The Parques Reunidos Foundation

As part of the Parques Reunidos Foundation, with the commitment to build a better, more accessible, sustainable and environmentally aware society, we organise various initiatives every year aimed at improving society, the environment and the biodiversity that surrounds us.

Of particular note amongst our main objectives is education and raising awareness to promote sustainable development and the conservation of endangered species, to which around 35% of the total investment in corporate social responsibility projects by the Parques Reunidos Foundation is allocated. The remainder goes to initiatives that help hospitalised children, people with special needs and families with low incomes that are at risk of social exclusion.

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Presentation of birds of prey at the summit
Presentation of birds of prey at the summit

Presentation of birds of prey at the summit

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