2020 Bono Parques

For 2020 season Bono Parques renew is offer and presents five modalities to choose from. The new bonos Bronce Parque de Atracciones de Madrid, Bronce Parque Warner, Plata, Oro and Platino allow cardholders to enjoy Zoo Aquarium de Madrid, Faunia and, according to the chosen modality, entrance and discounts in up to 32 parks in Spain and Europe.

Discover the new Bono Parques, choose the one that best suits your tastes and take advantage of the multiple discounts offered by each of them. Consult Bono Parques website for further information or discover the advantages of each new Bono Parques by clicking on each of them:

Price per person. 7€ per person for management costs not included.

In addition, the holders who renew their Bono Parques have an exclusive discount  to enjoy a unique experience in the parks all year round. If you are already registered, you can renew your Bono Parques at your private area. And to avoid waiting, you can include the extra Bono Parking for Faunia and Parque Warner.

Prices per person. The issue or renewal of each Bono Parques pass has a cost of 7€ per pass issued not included. Bono Parques are valid until 31st of December 2020. Access to parks subject to the opening times of each park, available on its website, and the specific conditions of each Bono Parques.