Gogo Cards 2021 – Selwo Aventura

Selwo Aventura

Live the wildest experience on an expedition through the five continents to meet emblematic species such as the lion, the white rhinoceros, the giraffe, the hippopotamus, the cheetah, the Iberian lynx, the Asian elephant or the red panda. Enjoy hanging bridges, adventure activities and much more in more than 40 hectares of open-air nature.

Once you have your tickets, you can book your Serengeti Safari with a 10% discount, indicating the date of your visit, and your menu in our restaurants with a 20% discount. You’re all set to live the wildest experience!

Serengeti Safari

Enjoy a 10% discount on the guided off-road truck tour to learn about the most representative species of African wildlife.

Discount on menus

You’ll need to recharge your batteries to continue your expedition across five continents – take advantage of the 20% discount on our fast food menus!