Main Cafeteria

The Main Cafeteria welcomes you to Benalmádena Cable Cars. Located in the square by the main entrance, it has a large terrace upon which to enjoy diverse catering options either before or after your spectacular trip to the peak of Mount Calamorro.

Choose from some of the many options that range from a refreshing drink such as the always delicious slushies, juices or, if you prefer a hot drink you can choose from amongst various coffee options with varying degrees of flavour intensity.

The menu at the Main Cafeteria also provides a selection of diverse salads, snacks, ice-creams in a variety of different flavours, delicious chocolate crepes that will delight those with even the sweetest of tooth, or if you prefer something savoury you can opt for hot dogs, various sandwiches, delicious pizzas…

Choose what you like and sit down to enjoy it on the terraces of the Main Cafeteria.

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