Dear visitor:

Following the indication of the competent authorities, Teleférico Benalmádena has decided to take extreme care of its visitors and employees by suspending its opening calendar and we will inform through our website and social networks of the park´s reopening.

As our priority is to ensure that our visitors can enjoy the unique experiences of our park, for customers with tickets on dates with the park closed, changes will be allowed for dates on any other day in the year 2020. If you made your purchase at the box office or on the park's website, please write an email to with your ticket information for a personalized management of your case. For other sales channels, please contact your distribution point directly.

We thank you very much for your understanding and will continue to keep you informed through our website and social networks.

Open air Planetarium

The open air Planetarium at the Benalmadena Cable Car is another of the attractive options for summer nights, experts from the Sky’s Classroom, with the collaboration of the Malaga Society of Astronomy, offer on the peak of Mount Calamorro, a proposition in which the protagonist is the Mediterranean night sky. From this location visitors can observe and get to know, with the help of a group of astronomers, the moon, stars, different galaxies, other planets, “the deep sky”, constellations… And always with an exceptional backdrop that is the Costa del Sol sky. Discover a fascinating “world” that lives above our own.

The Astronomy sessions are held every night in July and August, starting at 10 p.m. and they are different depending on what the night sky has to offer, so for example some of the most exceptional sessions of the season are the ones dedicated to the Perseids week, which we hold every August to coincide with this astronomic phenomenon.

The beneficiaries of the Day of the Empadronado that take place during the months of July and August, as well as those who have a Bono Parques Todos los Parques, Bono Parques 3 Parques, Bono Parques 2 Parques y Bono Parques 1 Parque that have free access, will have to pay the € 2 supplement starting at 7:00 p.m. for the Magical Nights of Benalmádena Cable Car, like the rest of users.